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GIB Stopping

NZL Plastering is more than just an interior plastering and wall repairing company. We cover almost every phase of an interior plaster finish, wall fixing, starting from first to the finishing coat. We do repairs to plasterboard ranges from small damage for example scratches, dents, and fragments to cracks in walls or ceilings. We are specialized professionals for the interior, Wall Repairs in Tauranga and ceilings; wall fixing, residential and commercial Interior Plastering in Auckland.

We offer professional and special services with the well knowledgeable team of experts for wall repairs, plastering, plasterboard & cornice. Different products are well-matched for diverse types of Interior Plastering Tauranga. We also have a range of GIB products for GIB Stopping in Tauranga that is well suited to make the repairing system easy and gives a complete overwhelmed finish. Our experienced Wall Fixing in Auckland plus GIB stoppers provide premium stopping and wall finish for all kinds of plasterboard exteriors.

As we provide best Wall Repair in Tauranga services and we apply ready-to-use compounds are perfect for small repairs like that of, cracks in the wall, scratches etc. They can be applied straight from the bucket with a wide blade or similar kind of sharp knife, and once it dries, can be polished smoothly, that’ll be eventually ready for painting or decorating. GIB Stopping in Tauranga is ideal for closing gaps amid plasterboard and other materials such as wood, plastic, surfaces, and bricks.
Wall Repair in Tauranga is ideal for revamp work or stopping short joints because:

  • It hardly shrinks
  • Can be scraped back smooth before it freezes
  • If a next coat is required, it can be applied immediately

Moreover, we provide service for all types of plasterboard servicing, wall repairing, plastering repairs, finishing and wall fixing in Auckland such as:

  • Wall Plaster Refurbishment
  • Board & Plaster Repairing
  • Scratch and Crack Repairing in Plaster Floorboard
  • Plasterboard and Wall Plaster Repairing
  • Repairing Ceilings Damaged due to Water
  • Dented GIB Board Repair
  • Repair Cracks in Walls, Ceilings, and Cornice
  • Repair & Setting Up Holes in Ceilings and Walls
  • Cracked Ceiling Repairs
  • Replacement of Lath Plus Plaster
  • Rose Ceiling Replacement and Finishing

Wall Repair in Tauranga specializes in GIB Stopping Tauranga, wall repairing, wall plastering and stopping. All of this relates to the various steps of improving these wall panels, to taping and providing wall plastering finish in these gaps stuck between panels to give the finished wall a smooth wall finish ready for decorating and painting. The aim is to become best locally owned Plasterer Auckland service provider, the one who is working on core interior wall plastering, repairing and Wall Fixing in Auckland and Tauranga.

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